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Original Compositions

Soundtracks and music for circus and physical theatre, videogames, film and more

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Creator Aaron Walker Photography

Live Performance

Performing music and acrobatics, specialising in roue cyr and group acrobatics

Sound Design, Editing, and Audio Help

If you’re after assistance with audio work and implementation, getting a smooth sound edit, or building your show cues;

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Winter is a multidisciplinary artist working to bring more original live music to contemporary circus. Working as a professional acrobat, musician, composer and sound engineer; her experiences across fields provide a unique perspective and approach to creative work, and to working with other artists.

Winter studied at the National Institute of Circus Arts, graduating 2016; and specialises in Roue Cyr, Clowning, and Group Acrobatics.

Starting her musical education at a young age, Winter is proficient in a variety of instrumentation, her performing credits including Piano, Synth, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bass Guitar, Finger Drumming, and Singing.
Her strengths include a deep passion for modular synthesis, and a strong working knowledge of Ableton Live (as both a performance and production tool).
She studied Sound Production at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Winter is a queer woman, and is particularly passionate about encouraging stronger positive representation for queer people and diversity through her work.

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