– Exploring the intersection between physicality and musicality to examine empathy and connection –

About the show

Three acrobats turn the stage, and the body in motion into live instruments. Together, they explore empathy and connection through music and playful acrobatics.

A synaesthetic, experimental work with raw, intimate style; where each performer is both composer and choreographer, acrobat and musician.

Using a blend of creative techniques, tools, and multidisciplinary expertise, Signal explores the overlap of sensory experiences, translating the movement of a performer into sound with movement sensors, heart rate monitors, instruments, and more.

Contemporary circus featuring live music and high level skills suitable for all ages.

Created over the course of the Melbourne pandemic lockdowns, Signal is the creation of Winter Cyan, as a culmination of study and experience in music, performance, and technical production skills, and as a love letter to arts and tech.

Signal aims to explore new modes of expression, and prioritizes diverse voices, accessibility, and representation in its work.

Praise for Signal

Award Laurel that says "Adelaide Fringe WINNER 2023"
Winner of Best Emerging Weekly fringe award

“Signal is unlike anything you will see at Adelaide Fringe this year. A mix of circus, music, and technology. It’s mesmerising from the start
“In their directorial debut, Winter Cyan has created something truly original and accessible to all.

Signal is not to be missed

★★★★★ – Upside Adelaide

“I have seen Signal twice now, and even the second time, it remained encapsulating and always held my full attention as it did the first.
It is such a distinctive show with a lot of unique concepts…

Come and experience the full spectacle in its brilliance. It must have taken a long time to craft and perfect, but all the energy and love put into it can be felt and appreciated by the audience.

I cannot recommend it enough – not only does the auditory experience keep you engaged, but the accompanying acts performed along with it are done so by talented artists and acrobats and are utterly delightful to watch

★★★★ ½ – SuchClicheTheatre

The shows history

The show began as part of Gasworks arts park’s Circus Showdown 2021, where it received the Highwire Entertainment and Circus Oz prizes, before undertaking further development as part of the Circus Oz arts incubator associateship program, and the NICA creative development residency program in 2022.

Signal was launched at Adelaide fringe in 2023 with further support from Spaghetti Circus and the Adelaide Artist Fund.