– Exploring the intersection between physicality and musicality to examine empathy and connection –

Signal is a contemporary circus show that uses technology to translate movement to music and sound, creating a live soundtrack that is dynamic and responsive to physical expression.

Created as a culmination of study and experience in music, performance, and technical production skills, the show is a love letter to arts and tech. Through playful synesthetic sensory experiences, Signal explores themes of empathy and human connection.

Signal prioritizes diverse voices, accessibility, and representation in its work.

The show began as part of Gasworks arts park’s Circus Showdown 2021, where it received the Highwire Entertainment and Circus Oz prizes, before undertaking further development as part of the Circus Oz arts incubator associateship program, and the NICA creative development residency program in 2022.

Signal will have its first public showing as part of Adelaide Fringe 2023.