Commissioned Works

Hardcoded Samplereel

A collection of samples of music composed for the soundtrack of a video game with a cyberpunk setting
– Hardcoded [currently in development]

Stand Here Sample

Excerpt from full show soundtrack for immersive theatre show examining the bystander effect
– Stand Here, Tons of Sense, 2018

Mitsein Sample

Excerpt from full show soundtrack composed around the philosophical concept of “being with”
– Mitsein, One Fell Swoop Circus, 2017

Personal Projects

Soundscape Project

An ongoing sound design project aiming to soundtrack the world of movement

[Content currently under construction]


Solo project with two LPs and a forthcoming album

NICA Showcase 2016

A piece written to accompany my own graduating act at the National Institute of Circus Arts
-Things Not Of This Earth, NICA, 2016