I’m Winter, a musician, sound designer, and circus artist; my love of the creative arts and the stage have led me to work as an acrobat, a multi-instrumentalist, a sound engineer, and composer. I’m particularly interested in interdisciplinary art, and the Arts’ capacity for expression and connection.

I specialise in Roue Cyr, Group Acrobatics, and Clowning. After graduating NICA, I went on to study sound engineering and music production, and am now exploring new ways to bring together live sound and physical performance.

Stage and Performance


A circus show built around exploring music tech and live instrumentation to create sound and music through movement; where a physical performer can use the stage, their apparatus, or their own body as an instrument.

This show features musical systems I have designed and put together specifically to interact with physical work.

Photo credit: Aaron Walker Photography

Performance Showreel 2020

Performance footage from a few recent projects I’ve had the joy to be involved with; my current reel features footage from Showcase at NICA, and REBEL.

Cab Suave

Musical director, and performer on Cyr wheel, fire, and bass guitar in this Circus cabaret meets film noire show.
-Cab Suave, Sparkle Society Entertainment, Ongoing

Circus Oz Associateship

Associate at Circus Oz for the Experiment 2021 incubator program in order to develop work and collaborate with other artists.
-Circus Oz, 2021

Womens Circus Mentorship

Worked with womens circus as a mentor and performer, to create, and to help guide another performer to create pieces that explore the femme identity.
-Absolutely FEMMEulous, Womens Circus, April 2020


Performer and musician on Highwire Entertainments REBEL, a glam-rock circus show built around the music of David Bowie.
Featured skills: Cyr wheel, Fire Eating
Featured instruments: Keys, bass guitar, saxophone, backing vocals
-REBEL, Highwire entertainment, 2019

Music and Audio

Modular Compositions

A personal exploration into electronic and electro-acoustic music, with a heavy focus on modular synthesis.

A study in experimenting with esoteric methods and approaches to making music, and a lovely mess of colourful cables and blinkenlights.

Hardcoded Samplereel

A collection of music composed for the soundtrack of a video game with a cyberpunk setting.
The music from this project varies from light hearted music for minigames, through to atmospheric environmental sound design.
– Hardcoded [currently in development]

Stand Here

Excerpt from full show soundtrack for immersive theatre show examining the bystander effect.

The work composed for this project featured a mix of live performance, short form pieces, and long form musical work, designed to be moved through as a larger installation work with multiple sonic spaces.
– Stand Here, Tons of Sense, 2018


Excerpt from full show soundtrack composed around the philosophical concept of “being with” – this show was designed as an installation work, performed open air on St Kilda’s Acland St.
– Mitsein, One Fell Swoop Circus, 2017

Technician work

As well as my work with music and sound as a creator or director, I also have experience as a sound and lighting technician, working in live sound for festivals, livestreaming, music, theatre, circus, and other events, as well as in editing and design.

NICA Graduate show 2021

I was brought on as the Musical Director for NICAs graduate Ensemble show, to bring together a mix of curated and original music and sound design for the show and its acts, as well as for a collection of animations made for the show in collaboration with Swinburne’s animation department.
-CIRKUS 2021 Plan47(b), NICA, 2021